Technically Speaking: We Can Do Better

Engaging other teams

An engineer asks for assistance.

A Contrived Example

DankMemeService has high CPU:<link to some dashboard>
All staging instances of DankMemeService abruptly spiked CPU to 100% utilization at 12:05pm 03/14/2019 and has continued this behavior ever since. This service’s steady-state CPU utilization typically hovers at ~25%. I looked at CPU traces on the DankMemeService process and found that something fishy is happening when interacting with CatGifService. I peeked in both the CatGifService and DankMemeService runbooks and there is no entry for this behavior. Can somebody assist in debugging this from the CatGifService side? See graphs X, Y, and Z:<relevant links>





Programmer and aspiring lich in Seattle.

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Tony Allen

Tony Allen

Programmer and aspiring lich in Seattle.

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